Welcome to Trentside Holmes Morris online.

Ever thought about trying morris dancing?

Now's your chance - a new team has formed, meeting on Friday evenings in the Methodist Community Hall, High Street, Sutton on Trent, NG23 6QA. Our first meeting was on Friday 12 October 2018. We practise most Fridays from 19:30 to 21:30. Please visit the calendar page to check that we will be practising on any particular week.

Why not come and see what it's all about? No pressure, no experience needed, everyone is welcome. Although intending to be an adult team, 12-18 year olds are welcome, accompanied by an adult. We can teach you everything you need to know; just come and have a go.

We practise through the winter and then arrange some opportunities to dance in public during the summer for those who wish and are able.

Dancing up the sun on May Day morning, Castle Hill, Laxton

Processing at the Gate to Southwell Festival 2019

Dancing in the Admiral Rodney, Southwell Folk Festival 2019

Where does the name come from?

Holmes comes from a Scandinavian word for marsh meadows. These are the fields on the flood plain of the River Trent between the villages of Carlton on Trent and Normanton on Trent. As they were subjected to flooding, the land could not be ploughed and was kept as pasture. The Holmes are divided into 'gaits', an area of about two-thirds of an acre, enough to keep one cow, which are still auctioned each year to farmers to use for grazing.

A view from the Holmes, looking south along the River Trent.

A view from the Holmes, looking towards Sutton on Trent.